Ordering FAQ - Rellec Apparel Graphics

What do you need to get us a quote?

There are a few key factors that will help us get you an accurate quote.

  • Approximate Quantity- The more shirts we order for you the better pricing we can get per shirt. Knowing your numbers will help to get our tiered pricing identified for you. We do have an order minimum of 12 pieces to setup your design to print.
  • General budget per shirt/piece – This will help us to select brands for you that meet your needs while staying on your budget. Not all shirts are created equal, and like anything, you pay for what you get. We can print shirts for as low as $3 to $4 each or some are much more. Depending on the brand, and quality, we’ll try and find you a shirt that fits your project just right.
  • Shirt color? Believe it or not, usually white and gray shirts are cheaper than a colored shirt, so if you know what color shirt you want, that will affect the price as well.
  • Idea if you want on the shirt- If you know a general number of colors for your design and locations (front, back, sleeve) this will help to get us an idea of the print setup.

Do you have a design or need one?

If you have a design, great, we’d love to have it. We can use it to figure out pricing. If you do have a design or logo, can you send us what you have at the highest resolution you have. If you have an AI, EPS or high resolution JPG that would be great for us to use.

If you do not have a logo or shirt graphic to use, that’s ok! That’s what we do best. We’d love to help you design something for you. The more description you have the better, to allow us to start making artwork that fits your goals and likes. We can design anything from classic and traditional to new age, grungy, retro, ect. You tell us and we’ll get to work for you!

Do you need screen printing or embroidery or both?

Let us know if you’re thinking about embroidery/thread on things like polos, hats, bags, ect. That is a different set of requirements, as well as setup costs associated with that.

If you just want screen printing done, that’s what we do best and can help you with that any time.

Do you know what brands you like or garment you like or need?

There’s a lot out there these days. There are catalogs on our page that can guide you, but if you want us to do some searching for you we can help. There are a lot of great brands that have much more than just t-shirts.

Do sizes vary per item and how do I know what sizes I need?

Yes, sizes do vary depending on the shirt/garment you select. We can help you with sizing, and there are specifications on many shirts and apparel items to help you get the sizing to help. If all else fails, we can order a sample in too so you can see the size.

Do you have setup fees and other charges?

We try to keep our fees and setup charges to a minimum. We like to tell you what it will cost per shirt or apparel item and that be the only charge you worry about. There are other factors occasionally that will need other charges and charges to consider are:

  • Under 12 pcs- $25 per screen setup fee
  • 12-47 pcs- $12 per screen setup fee
  • +48 pcs waive any screen setup fee
  • Sales Tax

Are there Art Fees for Logos and Graphics?

Our base fee for artwork layout is $30 for the first hour, with free revisions up to 4 revisions. UNLESS you are ordering over 100 pcs with us. If you are ordering over 100 pcs with us all artwork fees are waived.